Staff for Fur the More

Nov 25, 2023

Looking for a charitable organization to get involved in? Have skills in organizing or managing teams or even just fursuiting a ton and know what makes a good fursuit event? We'd love for you to join the Fur the More staff!

Fur the More Staff
Staffing with FurtheMore can be fun and rewarding, but also can be a lot of work. We’re looking for dedicated volunteers to join our staff team. The hard work and dedication of the staff members help make each convention a success. We are always looking for new people to bolster our ranks and

Without adequate staffing the existing staff have to handle multiple jobs sometimes and get burnt out. Without adequate staffing, things slip and attendees get a suboptimal con experience.

If you think there's something you'd be interested in but you have no experience in that area please let us know. We often have the ability to train you!

Contact if you need help with what a certain staff job entails.