Art Show

Hours of Operation

Friday: 10am-6p
Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm (for art pickup only)
Please check the registration information packet for more details

Art Show Information

FurtheMore 2022's Art Show will be located once again in Independence Center A, right on your way in as you enter the Marketplace. We will have gridwall panels for 2D artwork and table space for 3D artwork.

Artist Pre-Registration

Artists: If you want to pre-register for the FurtheMore Art Show, please read the Art Show Application Rules & Info Packet below and fill out the online form. The Art Show rules have been updated significantly and cleaned up since last year, so please take a moment to read through them. Art Show staff will pre-fill out bid sheets for all pieces pre-registered online and will have them ready prior to the start of the convention.

The Registration Information Packet is available here

Art Show online registration will be accessible until 11:59pm ET, February 26, 2022 to ensure staff is able to pre-print all materials before the convention. Artists will still be able to register pieces for the Art Show at-con, but will need to fill out bid sheets and applications by hand. Should you have any questions, please review the Art Show Application Rules thoroughly to see if your question is answered, and if not, you may contact us at artshow[at]

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