2024 Marketplace Map and Guide

At-con Artist Spot Raffle Information: to sign up for the lottery! The form closes at 8am on 3/8 (Friday).

There will be a QR code posted at the con at the marketplace table and below. The raffle happens on Friday morning at 10am and the table is for the entire weekend unless otherwise confirmed with the Artist Alley Head.
If any tables become open during the weekend we will post it on the convention twitter / mastodon.
Artists are selected by the Artist Alley Head. The Artist Head will select artists until all spots are filled in the Artist Alley area. The fee is $40/day. Each artist is  provided a table (approximately 6’x3’) and a single chair.  Artists are to pay the Artist Head for the table. There will be no return of this purchase, even if the artist only sells for part of the day. If an artist is selected, but  they do not pay claim their spot/pay by the daily start time, then they forfeit their  spot, and another candidate will be drawn.

the QR code for the artist table signups available at above
the QR code for the artist table signups

For vendor questions, email
For artist questions, email