20 minutes from now:

When you weren't looking you slid 20 minutes into the future, where it seems the world has fallen into chaos and technology rules the day. A dystopian vision of dark days and bright, neon-filled nights, where survival depends on your wits, intuition, and technical skill.

In the corner of your visor's HUD, a small blinking icon brings you unexpected comfort in this desolate, shattered world.

You motion to activate the button.

Fur the More 8.5 Logo as a button

Fur the More 8.5: 20 Minutes Into the Future is a Virtual Furry Convention that will take place April 23-25, 2021 online.

Registration is OPEN!

Attend our virtual event and help us raise funds so that Fur the More can return as an in-person event in 2022.

Supporting Attendee: FREE! (Donations optional & appreciated)

= Attendance to Fur the More 8.5

Virtual Attendee: $25 Donation

= Attendance to Fur the More 8.5
= $5 Off coupon towards pre-registration for Fur the More 9
= One (1) entry in the attendee giveaway
= Physical convention badge

Virtual Sponsor: $100 Donation

= Attendance to Fur the More 8.5
= $10 off coupon towards pre-registration for Fur the More 9
= Two (2) entries in the attendee giveaway
= T-Shirt
= Commemorative Pin


Q: What platform will the event be held on?
A: https://virtual.furthemore.org/

Q: Will there be VRChat worlds to go to?
A: At this time we do not have anyone who can help make VRChat worlds for us.  If you'd like to join staff to make a VR experience, please visit https://furthemore.net

Q: Are you sponsoring a charity this year?
A: At this time our plan is to raise money for Mid-Atlantic Anthropomorphic Association, Inc.  It is our 501c3 educational charity behind our events.  Not only does this support bringing back Fur the More as an in-furson event next year, but it will also help us to support our other charitable endeavors such as our Annual Scholarship.

Q: Do you have a guest of honor for this event?
A: Our guest of honor for this event is all of the furries that we have lost to the pandemic and political actions over the last year. We continue with our event even through these difficult times to remember those we've lost and to show that Furry will carry on.