2024 Covid Policy Notice

Jan 6, 2024


Fur the More has been getting lots of questions about our COVID policy from last year being maintained for 2024. We understand that it's frustrating that we're still sticking to our current guidelines, even though federal, state, local, and hotel rules no longer necessitate wearing masks or getting vaccinated. Nonetheless, medical experts still recommend being cautious and taking preventative measures.

In addition, since Fur the More is happening towards the end of flu season and there's an anticipated surge in COVID cases, our event's senior management has chosen to retain the masking requirements in all convention areas as well as the need for COVID vaccination.

We appreciate that COVID vaccine cards are no longer being updated, but vaccination centers still need to maintain a record of all vaccinations given. When receiving your vaccine, be sure to request a copy of the documentation or check with the vaccination facility or website to obtain it.

As of January 1, 2024, the initial COVID-19 series and one additional booster are the only prerequisites. Per our published COVID-19 policy, there is also an additional incentive for those who have received the most recent booster (2023-2024 version). It is strongly encouraged that all attendees get the most recent booster. It is important to understand that we will not issue an event badge to anyone that does not meet our minimum requirements for attending.

We acknowledge that sticking to these requirements may be aggravating for some members of our community, but we hope that you can sympathize and acknowledge our rationale for doing so. At this point, we believe it's a minor inconvenience in the interest of the common good.

Our full COVID policy can be viewed at https://www.furthemore.org/covid