Announcing 2022's Charity

charity Jan 30, 2022

This year Fur the More is proud to welcome Casa Ruby, based in Washington, DC, as our event charity.

While, traditionally, furry conventions have selected animal-based charities, this year we felt,  given the rise in open hostility towards queer people and the increasing trans-specific hate in recent months, that it would be appropriate, as a queer-run and trans-led organization, to support our local community.

We believe the mission that Casa Ruby has carried out for the past 30 years is of the utmost important to our queer and trans-community in the DC Metropolitan Area. We have selected them on the basis of their grassroots outreach and the work they have done to help members of the community in need, especially with its focus on PoC communities who have, in the past, been some of the most neglected demographics.

We have posted a brief description of Casa Ruby on our website on the "Our Charity" page, and if you are looking for more information directly from Casa Ruby please head over and check out their website here. []

Thank you again to our attendees, staff, and donors for allowing us not only to  bring you an in-person event this year, but to help a wonderful charity continue its great work. We hope you will join us in welcoming Casa Ruby to our event and show them the warmth and generosity of the furry fandom!



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