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Sep 27, 2022

It's time for the Time Travelers Reunion, a celebration of 10 years of Fur the More.  

Oh wait, it seems like the chaos of the universe has struck again and weve slipped forward a year.  Quoth, what happened?  

Time travel is always perilous, and sometimes the timey whimey nature of the universe tosses you for a loop.  This time we nailed it...  well almost.  

Well it seems that weve jumped forward into the 11th year, but whose counting. Better late than stuck in time.  Still, It looks like the timestreams from the last 10 years are colliding.  Theres pirates and ninjas, cryptids, and cyberpunks, oh my.  I can see something that looks theyre 8 bit and theres a unicorn?  I guess we need to just dress our best, and avoid the traffic as we head in to land.  

Join us this year by registering to be part of our 10th anniversary celebration!   Click on "ATTEND" above and get your timelords license.  The best rates are in the first 30 days with Early Bird Reg!

See you soon!

Kitra Drago

Convention Chair She/They