Our 2023 Guests of Honor

Mar 4, 2023

Look. We've said before that time stream technology is very fiddly. You bump the wrong lever trying to get a jelly baby that's stuck in the bag and, well, things get mixed up. When life gives you fractal lemons, you make fractal lemonade.

Our 2023 Guests of Honor certainly ain't no lemons. Yes. Guests. All are veterans of Fur the 'More GoHship and have had their mettle tested in the forges of Q&A panels and showed their quality. Without further preamble I present our Guests of Honor: Huskyteer, Kalika, Latinvixen, NightEyes DaySpring, Rakule, The Gneech, and Windfalcon!


Alice "Huskyteer" Dryden's short stories have been published in and out of the furry fandom, and have won two Cóyotl Awards, two Ursa Major Awards and one Leo Award. She edited the Furry Megapack for Wildside Press, and in 2019 she was Guest of Honor at Fur the 'More 007: Furry Never Dies. She can bark well enough to confuse most dogs, but has no idea what she's saying to them.

Twitter: @Huskyteer

Mastodon: https://dogbox.social/@huskyteer


Kalika is a digital anthropomorphic artist originally from Canada and currently living in upstate NY with her husband, son and three cats. Her personal fursona is a melanistic leopard.  She has been working as a commission artist within the fandom for nearly 20 years now. When she is not drawing furry art, her hobbies include horror movies, makeup and playing videogames.

Website: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kalika/


Latinvixen (also known as Valentina Caicedo) is a fursuit creator and artist originally from Colombia and currently residing in Florida. She specializes in creating fursuits, with a wide variety of styles ranging from cartoony to realistic. Her suits often come with glass or toony eyes (or else a cut-out hole for a more realistic look) and can have moving jaws.
Latinvixen is also a graphic artist, using traditional and digital media. She has made many LiveJournal icons, and is known to take commissions, often selling her creations on Furbid. Many of her fursuits can be seen at conventions and at her web site, MixedCandy. She also made the mascot for the Russian hockey club "Dynamo-Moscow". [from wikifur.com]

Website: https://www.mixedcandycostumes.com/

NightEyes DaySpring

NightEyes DaySpring is a known troublemaker who is rumored to have a penchant for coffee and an interest in dead, ancient civilizations. He has been writing furry fiction for over twenty years, and over thirty-five of his short stories have been published. His work has appeared in various anthologies, including Werewolves vs. Fascism, Heat, and FANG. He also has contributed multiple stories to The Voice of Dog podcast, and he recently published his first novel, Scars of the Golden Dancer. Currently, NightEyes resides in Florida with his fiancé, where in his spare time he masquerades as an IT professional, plays board games, and doodles.

Visit his website, nighteyes-dayspring.com, for more about his writing, or find out where he is on social media at nighteyes.carrd.co.


Rakule has been making fursuits/costumes since 2005. He enjoys various mediums to bring characters to life, from fabric to foam, to rubber and resin. He enjoys pushing the limits of his artistic abilities to bring characters to life.

Website: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/suit-a-dile/

The Gneech

John "The Gneech" Robey came into the furry fandom in 1999 with "The Suburban Jungle (Starring Tiffany Tiger)," and has been going ever since. While Tiffany and crew finished their adventures ten years later, Gneech's current comic "Rough Housing" carries on the story with a new generation of neurotic misfits and their silly adventures. Gneech is also the editor of the Reclamation Project, a furry solarpunk anthology which is currently in production on its second volume. Besides being a previous FurTheMore guest of honor, Gneech has also been featured at Midwest Furfest and Confuzzled UK.


Windfalcon is a fantasy and wildlife illustrator currently living in Colorado. Her work is very gryphon- and bird-centric, and she works primarily in watercolor. She teaches illustration at RMCAD and loves fishing and disappearing into the mountains. She's the illustrator of America's Favorite Birds and Backyard Birds and Blossoms, and the author and illustrator of Winged Fantasy.

Website: http://www.falconmoon.com/

Twitter: @brendalyonsart