Mid-Anthro Statement on Casa Ruby

Aug 2, 2022

Mid-Atlantic Anthropomorphic Association, Inc.
Mid-Atlantic Anthropomorphic Association (Mid-Anthro) and Fur the More join everyone in our furry and LGBTQIA+ communities in shock and dismay at the news that Casa Ruby founder Ruby Corado has allegedly taken a significant amount of funds from the Casa Ruby Charity and fled the country. Casa Ruby was the sponsored charity for Fur the More 2022. Ruby Corado was the founder and president of Casa Ruby and had no direct affiliation with Mid-Anthro. ( Ref: https://dcist.com/story/22/08/01/dc-attorney-general-seeks-to-freeze-casa-ruby-funds/ )

We have also recently learned that there is some confusion in the furry community as to the source of this alleged crime. We want to assure everyone that neither Mid-Anthro and Fur the 'More nor any of its volunteers were involved in or had anything to do with this incident. The incident occurred fully within Casa Ruby's organization. Mid-Anthro's financial records are always open and available for public inspection. We assure you that every penny raised by Fur the More and additional added by MidAnthro was delivered to the Casa Ruby organization via our Quickbooks Payment Processor in full of $5750.00

The Mid-Anthro Board of Directors does not feel that the Casa Ruby organization, its programs, staff, and volunteers should suffer from being the victim of this incident. We would like to express our sincerest condolences to all of the staff and volunteers of Casa Ruby and their clients who are the true victims of this incident. We also hope that the District of Columbia can rapidly resolve the situation and assist the charity in establishing proper management of the organization so that they can resume their operations. Once resolved, the Mid-Anthro Board of Directors will determine what our relationship with Casa Ruby will look like going forward.

On Behalf of the Mid-Atlantic Anthropomorphic Board of Directors
Jaida M.