You open your eyes and take a moment to process what you see before you. Minutes ago you were in a neon jungle of brightly colored hues of Purple, blue and orange. You vaguely remember someone talking to you about an earlier era.

Looking down you notice that your normally tech filled clothing is plain and simple, yet somehow stylish. In the distance you hear jazz music and an excited crowd. Picking yourself off the ground, you see a hat nearby.  As no one else seems to be going after it, you assume its yours.

Bending down and picking it up, you grasp it with one hand, slide it onto your head in a front to back motion like you've been doing it all your life.   You turn towards the music and start strutting your way towards the hotel it seems to be coming from.


Fur the More 9: Furries & Fedoras is a furry convention that will take place March 4-6, 2022 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, VA.

Registration will be opening soon!

Details are still being finalized, but we plan on offering similar registration levels as done for previous episodes of Fur The 'More. The levels we have offered in the past are: Attendee, Backer, Sponsor, Elite Sponsor, and Raven God. The Attendee level grants basic access to the con, with all levels from Backer on up including small gifts such as a T-Shirt or collectible pin. Higher registration levels give progressively fancier gifts and tickets to special events and raffles! We hope to finalize these lists and prices in the near future.


If you want to help out with the con, you can also apply to become staff! In exchange for the work you do for the con, you'll get a registration discount equivalent to the Attendee level price. We're always looking for new staff, and we would love to grow our family! Anyone interested should go to to see what positions we're specifically looking for. And we love general volunteers as well!


Q: Are you sponsoring a charity this year?
A: We are planning on it! Like registration prices, we are in the process of deciding this year's charity. Based on interactions last year, we are leaning toward picking a charity that helps people in need. If we receive enough donations, we would consider splitting out charity pool with an animal-focused charity as well.
(We would like to thank all of our attendees and donors last year who gave directly to Mid-Atlantic Anthropomorphic Association, Inc. - the 501c3 educational charity behind our events - and helped Fur The 'More survive the COVID-19 pandemic so we could come back strong this coming spring! MidAnthro also offers scholarships in addition to running Fur The 'More and Fur'B'Que, so if anyone wants to continue helping our organization, check the "Donate" link in our menu or click here.)

Q: How will you be handling COVID-19 concerns at the convention?
A: At this point in time, we are planning on requiring proof of vaccination for all attendees as a prerequisite for receiving an attendee badge. We are aware that some potential attendees may have medical reasons making vaccination impossible, for which case we are considering accepting verifiable doctor's notes instead. These plans are subject to change as the state of the pandemic changes between now and the convention.

Q: Do you have a guest of honor for this event?
A: Our guest of honor for this event will be furry author (and occasional artist) NightEyes DaySpring! NightEyes was the original GoH for Furries & Fedoras 2021 before our 2021 convention was forced to virtual format, with the Furries & Fedoras theme pushed back to 2022. Check out their work at and support them on Patreon! Or at least get that wolf some coffee!