Events & Programs

Dance Contest

Strut your stuff in front of everyone at our dance competition.  Show the judges and the audience just who is the best dancer at Fur the More.

“FurFactor!” (Our Masquerade)

Premiering at Fur the ‘More is “FurFactor”.   Come and strut your best talent in front of our judges and see if you can make it past them.   Depending on the number of initial entrants, this may have a pre-liminary round before the judges on Friday night and/or Saturday morning to pick finalists for the main event.


Fur the ‘More’s Marketplace is where you will find a selection of Dealers and Artists who are there to provide you with a variety of goods.
For more information on our Marketplace, visit our Dealer Registration page.

Video Gaming Room

This will be where you can fulfill your need to game out on a variety of game systems and games. The video game room will be open 24 hours throughout the con. That way, even those with a bout of insomnia or are night owls can have something to do.

If you wish to help out the convention by loaning us gaming systems, controllers, TVs, or games, we would really appreciate it. Contact gaming<at> for more information.

Furry Feud

Survey Says!   Come join us for Furry Feud.  Enter as an individual, or as a team.  Pit your knowledge against the other team in a variety of questions from mostly furry related questions.

Games, Games, and More Games

Our game room will be providing a variety tabletop, rpg, board, and card games for your entertainment pleasure.

Guest of Honor Dinner

Saturday Night a special dinner to honor our Guests of Honor will be held. Those holding a Party Animal or Higher badge will have exclusive invitation to attend the dinner.


Fur the ‘More will host a dance Friday night and Saturday night in Main events. Our DJ’s will play a variety of music throughout the night so that everyone can find some time at the dance to enjoy.

Fursuit Parade

A classic of every furry convention, the Fursuit Parade. We will march you from Main Events, through the convention space and then outside where we can get a big group photo for everyone to see.

Furlympics! (Fursuit Games)

Are you or your team the most athletic? Come and compete in the Furlympics. Teams of furries in suit compete against each other for the honor of being named Fur the ‘More’s top FurJocks. 😛 If you just want to see them facing off against each other and the fur flying, then come and spectate and cheer them on.

Artist Challenge

This event will put four artists, drawn at random from those who signed up, to create works of art in three increasingly short time spans. The subject matter for the artwork will be decided by the audience. The completed works of art will be auctioned off as part of our Charity Auction.

Hallway Costume Competition

Did you create a costume to go with this years theme? Our staff will be roaming the halls looking for great themed costumes and judging them. At closing ceremonies we will announce who the top three costumes were. You don’t need a fursuit to win this one!

Opening Ceremonies

It’s the first one.. the inaugural opening ceremonies of Fur the ‘More. We tell you all about what we have planned, introduce you to a few key furs, and then unleash you unto the con with the nervous anticipation and hope that we did it right.

Closing Ceremonies

Coming together at the end of the convention to give it one last hurrah. Here we will announce our attendance, how much we raised for the charity, a few competition results, and of course thank our Guests for coming in to help us make it a memorable event. Then we will hopefully stave off the Post Con Depression for a few more hours by going into the Dead Dog Party.

Feedback Panel

What did you like? What did you love? What did you hate with a fiery burning passion. After closing ceremonies and before the dead dog party kicks off, we will hold a feedback panel in main event. Here you will be able to ask questions, make suggestions, present ideas, or just give us your comments… Good or bad… or flaming! We will take them all, try to give you some answers, and use them to make the next year better.

Dead Dog Party

One last chance to keep PCD at bay. What’s PCD? Post-Con Depression of course. We get it too, and we want to have one last dance before we all head back to the days of our lives. It’s also the only thing going at this point and is a chance for the staff to relax and have some fun before heading home to start planning for next year. We have the place till midnight, so help us close it out.

Charity Auction & Raffle

Raising money for charity any way we can. We’ll have a charity auction and a raffle to raise money for the charity. Don’t miss out on some really interesting things that have been donated towards a good cause.

Programming, Panels, and Classes

What about all the gaps between the “Big Shows”? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Just in case you’re one of those furs who just doesn’t want to sit still, we will be keeping our schedule packed with lots of great panels and workshops. Think you have a great idea for an event? Get with our programming department so that we can put you on the schedule. Do you want to do a panel, but don’t know what to do? Check out our “Wish list of Panels” for an idea we’d love to see someone do.

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