From The Beak of Quoth ~ Belated Holidays

Posted by Kit Drago on December 27, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I should be writing to you to let you know that there won’t be an apocalypse on the 21st, but it seems I ran into a bit of a problem.  In stabilizing the time sphere around Fur The ‘More (quite the task I assure you) , my time destination seems to have been a bit off.  Also, we’ve run into a few technical problems.  Friday appears to have switched to Thursday’s place, Sunday is occurring on Monday, Monday is occurring on Saturday, Thursday is where Sunday is supposed to be, and, finally, Saturday is where Friday is supposed to be.  Don’t ask, in the words of the Doctor ‘wibbley wobbly… timey wimey.. stuff…’.

It’s all very complex as any time traveler should know.  Anyways, since I have missed my landing, I must bid you all Merry Survival-Of-Apocalypse day, Merry Christmas, Yule…  drat, I’ve confused the order of those haven’t I?  Anyhoo, happy holidays! And future New Year (or past for those of you travelling to a favored New Year celebration)!

While I’ve resurfaced from the future, I do have some updates for you all!  Our Marketplace (or is it Dealer’s Den that we’re calling it in this timeline?) is holding our esteemed Guests of Honor SolidAsp, Look Left, and Clockwork Creatures.  Additionally, we are honored to accept into the ranks of time traveling merchandisers the following: Precocious (of webcomic fame), gBlazewear, Windfalcon, Hopeful Monster Studios (no, I don’t expect we’ll be seeing any issues with needing to avoid blinking from them), Silver Sky Studio (Move a century ahead and their name will be quite literal!), Huskie, and DiZZiNESS!

I’ve got some other news, but that must wait until the appropriate time since I have been advised that now is too early to reveal it to you all (timeline integrity and all that).  In the meantime, off to try to sort out the days and to get them back into proper order!  Happy holidays and see you all again soon, I hope!


~Quoth T. Raven

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