2016 Theme

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Our 2016 theme is “Cubicle Jungle – Do you have your stapler?”

Holiday Kickoff Special

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Everyone loves the beginning of the holiday shopping season, and we here at Fur the More are no different.   Now until Monday November 30th, when you pre register for the event, use the code 5FLAIR for $5 off the pre registration price.

We can even help with your gift shopping, what better than to gift a registration to your friends so they can come with you.

Happy Holidays and see you soon.


Staff Showcase: Gaming

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Today for our Staff Showcase, we will tell you a little bit about our Gaming Department Head.  The Gaming Department handles programming related to Video, Board, and Card gaming.


Q: Tell us who you are, and what you do.

I am MiltoniusPrime, and I am the Gaming Department head.

Q: Who/What is your avatar/fursona, if you have one?

Bat/Snake Hybrid.  I like bats, I like snakes.

Q: Is there a history behind your fandom name?

I decided to keep things simple and use the same name on everything, in case someone needs to contact me or add me on something.  I’m also fine with Milt since its my name.

Q: How/When did you get into the fandom?

It was in 2003ish.  A classmate was starting to draw furry characters, asked me what species.  I went with bat + snake.  Went to my first AC in 2004, drove up for one day so a roommate could meet a friend from overseas.  Decided to keep going, found the game room the next year, and found my place in the fandom.

Q: How did you get involved with Fur the ‘More?

I was contacted due to running a gaming meet in Maryland, thought about it for a bit, then Joined.

Q: What is your current Fur the ‘More position?  What do you do for it?

I am the gaming department head, and I run the video game room.  I plan event/tournaments, supply a lot of the inventory, keep in touch with other staff, acquire new controllers/consoles, try to get people involved on social media, help people with gaming problems, basically live in the VG room (and run the overnight shift), and a few other things.

Q: What is your favorite part of being with the Fur the ‘More crew?

I’ve been to a few events that have some really lackluster game rooms, and it made me want to get involved to give people a better experience.  I enjoy offering spaces for anyone who wants to relax and meet news furs with a shared interest in gaming.

Q: What do you hope to see happen in the future of Fur the ‘More?

I would really like to see more people getting excited for tournaments and offering to bring games / run events for games they want to share with others.

Q: Describe your morning routine in five words or less.

Sleep.  Occasionally flea markets.

Q: Chocolate or Vanilla?

Both. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Q: Cat or Dog?

I like both, but I’m more of a cat person


If you’ve got any questions about our tabletop or video gaming, have a game you’re interested in running, or would like to help us by volunteering, please contact MiltoniusPrime via Twitter or Gmail.

Memo: Artist Alley

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Foyer Skylight

Fur the More Logo


                                                                         Fur the More 2016


To: Artist Alley Applicants

From: Beck-Su
Artist Alley Head

Re: 2016 Artist Alley Process

Are you an artist just starting out and wanting to try your paw at selling your artwork? Why not try Fur The ‘More’s Artist Alley? We have two ways of entering for the daily lottery- at the con, and NEW THIS YEAR- ONLINE!

We will be raffling off half the table spots ahead of the convention, the other half will be available for at con raffle on a daily basis.   The signup form will go online on Dec 1st, 2015.

Information, Artist Alley Rules, and the sign-up form will be located at http://furthemore.org/exhibitions/artist-alley/

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